Investigation Compliance & Enforcement Training Systems

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Would inexperienced investigators impact on your effectiveness as a compliance enforcement or monitoring agency?

Investigation Compliance & Enforcement Training Systems (ICETS) works closely with Commonwealth, State and Local Government agencies which have a compliance monitoring and investigation role within the public sector.

If you are like most government regulatory agencies, there is an increased expectation by government and the general public to effectively investigate and enforce statutory legislation and guidelines. 

Such investigations can come under public scrutiny particularly where it concerns the environment, community services or our natural resources.

Investigators with limited experience can find themselves and their organisation on the ‘back foot’ when trying to encourage or enforce compliance of legislation.  This generally occurs where companies or individuals have interests which are not served by complying with regulatory legislation or organisational guidelines.

Studies have shown that effective investigation techniques can foster compliance by client organisations and individuals due to the investigating agencies ability to strengthen and justify enforcement actions. 

ICETS investigators and trainers have worked with law enforcement and government regulatory agencies for over 15 years.  We currently provide investigation training solutions to Commonwealth, State & Local government agencies with a statutory enforcement role.  We also provide training to private organisations that have an internal investigation role.

ICETS training solutions are created in partnership with our clients and consist of both nationally accredited and non-accredited courses.  Take the time to browse through our web site for a detailed explanation of how we work and who we work with.